Cultura e Materia is a small Italian company, established in 2021, located in Piancastagnaio, near Siena (Tuscany). Our mission is to design, produce and sell functional design objects in small series for the everyday life of people who like sustainable materials and wise constructive techniques. We run a comprehensive project from the selection of natural and local materials, in line with the drawings of the objects we conceive, to their meticulous handcrafting.  Special attention is given to the production technique which often uses methods that are no longer in use. Each object is different from the other, as wood, metal, terracotta and crystal are handcrafted in a different way. Their inner peculiarities become part of the creation’s beauty. Our ambition is to rediscover the extraordinary local skills and talents, preserving Tuscany's unique cultural and natural environment. Our small company aims to guarantee the necessary attention to details, the rhythms of demanding techniques and the powerful pleasure we feel throughout all the creative process. Cultura e Materia wishes to add to people’s lives the beauty of a design, which is in harmony with nature and with the silent energy of natural materials.