Cultura e Materia - Story

Ideas have always appeared to me as shapes. While traveling, during breaks or in my leisure time, rather than writing down these ideas and emotions, I would sketch drawings. Each time, I seized the opportunity to drop stereotypes or pre-conceived intentions in order to let the object find its inner harmony and authenticity. Throughout my international career devoted to the aerospace sector, I never stopped transferring my visions on paper. I have repeatedly observed the objects conceived by others, their flowing into different materials following a philosophy, a purpose.

Cultura e Materia

I progressively identified my masters and kept studying their construction techniques.

I have spent many years listening to my ideas, experimenting with their transformation into drawings, and from that into material objects.

Over time, I have decided to settle down in Italy, my home country, in the wildest part of Tuscany, in the heart of a centuries-old natural reserve where I witness everyday the silent living of a huge variety of trees.

Cultura e Materia

The pairing of my drawings with the local materials – as wood, terracotta, crystal and metals – inspired me to start a new project and embark on a new life adventure.

I started conceiving, designing, handcrafting in a sustainable way prototypes of functional design objects, which could maintain and reflect the inner beauty of the material used.

The meeting with a dear old friend, a successful entrepreneur , brought us to conceive Cultura e Materia, wrapping-up ideas with  concrete business foundations and perspectives.

The Project Cultura e Materia aims to produce design products that bring the elegance and authenticity of nature into people’s daily lives.